• We monitor key performance Indicators at 3-week Intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.


  • We implement and assess relevent measures that determine our organisational growth and performace.


  • We believe the key to generating loyal clients is to provide them with efficient service within the required time frame.


  • We maintain strict and consistent commitment to certain standards that achieve uniformity in our services.

  • Tabulation (Tables, Cross-tabs, Charts)

  • Cleaning / Validation, Coding

  • Questionnaire Translation

  • Presentation & Info graphics

  • Data Mining & Entry

  • Web Research & analysis

  • Questionnaire Check

  • Programming Skips, Logics

  • Testing & Live Links

  • Reporting & Dashboards

  • Quantitative (CATI / CAWI / Panel)

  • Qualitative (IDI, Recruiting)

Vision and Mission


To be a thought leader in providing dynamic, result­ oriented solutions while having research,technology, innovative ideas and creativity as the key drivers.


To nurture and inculcate the spirit of unorthodox ­thinking, off­beat, a spread­wing, idea ­powered work system where well­ done replaces well­ said in every process, small or big, whatever the stakes.
To tap into business opportunities through cutting­-edge solutions and proactive methodologies in order to enhance the enterprise’s and customers’ earnings and business interests.
Providing marketing research services to companies that need a reliable business partner. We relentlessly pursue being the best provider of each service we offer. To create valuable research solutions, we deliver timely results, adapt to market and customer demands, and never compromise quality.

Meet Our Team

    Vimal Nathan

    Director Operations

    Vimal has 10+ years of experience in market research, operations management, process management, and client servicing. He is responsible for developing strategies to guide the team and ensure the development of high quality on-time deliverables.

    Jason Philip

    Director Business Communication

    Jason has 9+ years of experience in client servicing and development and partner relationship management. He is an expert at developing great client relationships and identifying new areas of opportunity.

    Vicky Shabi

    Director Quality Management

    Vicky has 9+ years of experience in Quality Management. He is responsible for assessing, developing, implementing, and maintaining multiple assurance programs and functions. Also he maintains the existing Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure that it complies with the current industry standards.


What is qualitative research?

Qualitative market research provides for in-depth exploration into people’s feelings and beliefs. It is a process used to look specifically at the nature or structure of attitudes and motivations rather than the frequency. Essentially, qualitative research is used to determine why people feel the way they do about certain issues and how those feelings influence their behaviour. Focus groups, in-depth interviews and usability testing fall into this category.

In-depth Interviews

In-depth interviews are also referred to as IDIs or one-on-ones. They are a form of qualitative research used to uncover beliefs, behaviours and motivations of respondents. An in-depth interview is traditionally conducted in person or over the telephone with the researcher asking questions of an individual respondent.

To conduct an interview session first we detect our targeted group but it may involve interviewing an individual or pairs of people to get a deeper understanding of customers’ behavior and the way they think. This understanding provides a solid base from which next best steps can be prescribed to a company. Valuable source of information comes which can be utilized while developing new products or coming up with new marketing initiatives. A company always want to test the reaction and refine a customer’s approach.


The process by which respondents or participants are screened and selected against certain criteria, then persuaded to take part in qualitative market research.

Market Expertise sources respondents worldwide for qualitative market research and usability studies. We will find you intelligent, articulate and representative participants for your research project. We source respondents for local, national, and international projects. We recruit in all time zones.

What is quantitative research?

Quantitative market research is used to determine and predict attitudes, opinions and behaviours of a particular group based on scientific sampling. Essentially, it allows for totalling the group’s responses to arrive at statistically projectable data. Telephone surveys, mail surveys, online surveys and sometimes in-person interviews fall into this category.


Computer-assisted telephone interviewing is a computer based telephonic survey in which the interviewer follows a script on web. Here the program is customized or programmed in such a way that the flow of the pre modified questionnaire comes with both close-end and open-end answer.

Market Expertise regularly conducts telephone research with members of the public and the business community. The telephone is fundamental to researching business-to-business & consumers. We have vast experience in conducting the interviews and collecting the data for both continuous and ad-hoc projects of all types. Although we try hard to keep the quality of response very high and have successfully completed projects using CATI of interview lengths between 45 to 60 minutes, even among “hard-to-reach” groups such as C suites executives and Company Secretaries of large companies.


Online market research is an effective and efficient data collection method that saves our clients the expense and hassle of traveling all over the world. Our researchers are skilled in online survey design, programming, analysis and reporting. We use the most advanced survey technologies to deliver rapid-response online and mobile surveys.

Survey Programming

We have a a highly skilled and experienced survey programming team which supports the complex and multi-lingual requirements of the client. Our survey programming team is well versed with Confirmit, Qualtrics, SurveyGizmo, SurveyMonkey. Our ability to program includes Save-and-return functionality, advanced quota settings, A/B split testing, unique links for different respondents and customized themes related to the study.

Data Processing & Analytics

The data processing team at Market Expertise provides data formatting, processing and tabulation services. We provide clients with statistical program data and other results, according to their unique specifications in a cost effective and time bound manner. The team is well versed with key data processing capabilities like Cross Tabulations, Graphical Representations, Marginal Frequencies and Means, medians and standard deviations.

Database Management and Development

We provide end-to-end solutions for database management and development. Our database team are experts in updating large magnitude of databases – contacting companies and obtaining information missing from their listings, correcting errors or evaluating the accuracy of the listed information.

Multilingual B2B Telemarketing:

  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • High Quality Sales Leads

Market Research:

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Surveys & Focus Group
  • Opinion & Information Extraction

After 7 years of hardcore B2B research experience, Market Expertise has now extended its roots in B2B Marketing. We branded our new venture as HelloProspect.

HelloProspect is an Outbound Lead Generation & Multilingual B2B Telemarketing, Research Intelligence company.

With an integration of “MARKET RESEARCH in LEAD GENERATION”, we are now changing content marketing landscape by guaranteeing results. HelloProspect helps deliver targeted & personalized 1- on-1 engagement for B2B companies to market better & for sales to close deals bigger & faster.

HelloProspect’s lead generation programs provide pay-for-performance, easy-to-execute and result- oriented solutions that deliver leads at every stage of the sales cycle. We engage prospects via outbound techniques & generate quality interaction to help curate industry intelligence for B2B companies globally.

We have marketing running through our veins & quality on our mind!

We "HELLO PROSPECT" on client's behalf & convey brand messages!

Contact Us

  • Office No 302, The Chambers,Viman Nagar, Pune-411014
  • +91-89-5600-8984/85/86
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