• Vimal Nathan

    Research Operations

    VIMAL NATHAN is a visionary leader with excellent management skills and a knack for directing company operations towards growth. As a co-founder and the Director of Operations at Market Expertise, he leverages his exceptional leadership and teamwork skills to ensure that the objectives were achieved on time for delivery to the client. Additionally, he oversees the smooth operation of over three different business models and is directly responsible for ensuring that the day-to-day processat the company run efficiently and without delays or errors.

    Vimal helped to spearhead several initiatives from company reconstruction to moving and consolidating resources for more efficiency. A daring move that paid off sizably. His unique ability to quickly learn and adapt to situations has enabled him tomake far-reaching decisions for the company, improving the net-worth and fosteringa welcoming environment for employees.

  • Vicky Shabi

    Program Management

    With over 1000 successful market research projects delivered, VICKY SHABI brings a wealth of market research project management and leadership experience and expertise in facilitating the change programs. As a co-founder and Director of Program Management, Vicky manages complex concept development and program planning through the course of their life cycles.

    He has an experience of over a decade in managing an employee workforce and offers a unique blend of leadership, vision, enthusiasm, and knowledge. Since he is a people’s person, he gets along with different people quickly and knows how to deal with difficult situations; employees relate with him stronger.

    Vicky has experience in all phases of Profit Center Operations, Key Account Management, Sales & Marketing, and Business Development; however, he has extensive expertise in introducing new concepts to innovate ongoing projects, both in house and on-site facilities.

  • Jason Philip

    Client Relations

    JASON PHILIP is a co-founder and a dynamic Client Relations Director at Market Expertise, who offers significant expertise in creating and managing market research solutions and ensuring the success of all projects. Jason has expertly managed to roll out several projects that generated millions of dollars in revenue internationally for Market Expertise. His understanding of diverse markets allows him to design and lead uniquely structured strategies to reach and make an impact on targeted audiences for the long term.

    Jason demonstrated a proven ability to create and cultivate a high-performance team, with on and offshore resources that focus on developing long-lasting client relationships and loyalty.

    He has worked with major Fortune 500 clients across various. Working in the leadership role with Market Expertise, Jason has maintained high levels of quality and service in every department and teams he managed.

  • Khushbu Verma

    Market Research & Digital Strategy

    KHUSHBU VERMA takes a vision and makes it a reality through sound digital strategy development. She intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through an organization, brings them together into a coherent whole, encourages others to expand their vision, and drive business advantage. She is an inspirational leader who tells stories that inspire action. Acknowledged by BuzzSumo as a credible voice in market research, digital marketing, and strategic decision making, that drives the business forward.

    Currently, as Director of Market Research & Digital Strategy at Market Expertise, a privately‐held, global market research and lead generation company, Khushbu oversees the organization’s research and digital promotions. She is now spearheading major strategic shifts to transform primary research from a functional focus to enabling business generation and innovation to support a truly global full-service market research organization.